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Shipwrecks: Exploring Sunken Cities Beneath The Sea

Shipwrecks Exploring Sunken Cities Beneath

The author is Mary M. Cerullo and it was published around December of 2009 by Dutton Juvenile. The book has 64 pages. The book is 8.58"H x 9.88"L x 0.51"W. It weighs something like 1.05 lbs. Even though reading is a thing which everyone of almost any age will enjoy, you will discover certainly lots of ways in which you may make the thrill significantly better. Some people proclaim they don't have enough time to read, nevertheless reading is yet another effective utilization of time, especially with the proper children's book. View these tips and you should really like reading a lot more.

Dutton Juvenile

ISBN: 0525479686
Author: Mary M. Cerullo

For those who know the way to interpret its secrets, a sunken ship has many tales to tell. Then there are the stories within the many ocean creatures that have found a home inside the broken hull. The stories of the lives of those aboard its last voyage are revealed in the objects scattered around the shipwreck.

Two shipwrecks, separated by two thousand miles and two centuries, share a typical history of life, death, and rebirth. Uncover out what underwater explorers found in these sunken cities beneath the sea. The first is the Henrietta Marve, a slave trader that sunk off Florida in 1700. Every of their stories begins with underwater exploration, one a search for fabled gold, the other for households lost at sea. The second, an elegant steamer with crew members from a thriving middle-class black community in Maine.


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