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Ole Evinrude And His Outboard Motor (badger Biographies Series)

Ole Evinrude And His Outboard Motor

In case you are shopping for a child's book We have assembled some good information. You really need to read Ole Evinrude And His Outboard Motor by Bob Jacobson. Written by Bob Jacobson and the publisher is Wisconsin Historical Society Press. This book was available on bookshelves on the 23rd of January, 2009. The child's book has 78 pages. To get the same great price I found, visit the button below.

Wisconsin Historical Society Press

ISBN: 0870204203
Author: Bob Jacobson

Ole Evinrude was born in Norway in 1877 and immigrated to the United states of america when he was five years old. The Evinrude family settled in Wisconsin and began farming, but it was clear from a genuinely young age that Ole would not follow the loved ones tradition. Ole Evinrude was meant to operate with boats.

Building an outboard motor was not easy, though - Ole suffered numerous mechanical and financial setbacks along the way. After years of hard operate and persistence, the Evinrude motor company was founded and Ole's outboard motors had been an instant hit around the globe. Ole continued to enhance the style of his motor and attracted other entrepreneurs towards the area, making Wisconsin the center from the outboard motor industry for decades.


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