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Civil War Sub: The Mystery Of The Hunley (penguin Young Readers, L4)

Civil War Sub The Mystery Of The Hunley


Recounts events surrounding the mysterious sinking of the Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley, and its recent recovery from deep in the waters off the coast of South Carolina.
The author is Kate Boehm Jerome and it was published by Penguin Young Readers. This children's book was available sometime in 2002. For those within the library you can likely search for it with the DDC, E599.H4 J47 2002. The book is 48 pages long and it is filled with superbly colored illustrations. Buy a copy of this book, check out our store button below.

Penguin Young Readers

ISBN: 0448425971
Author: Kate Boehm Jerome

In 1864, throughout the Civil War, the C. S. S. Hunley became the first submarine inside the globe to sink an enemy ship. After much more than a century, scientists finally have many with the answers. The Hunley and its crew mysteriously vanished. What happened on that cold winter night?


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