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All Stations! Distress! : April 15, 1912: The Day The Titanic Sank (actual Times)

All Stations Distress April 15

Your child will love this remarkable book. The author is Don Brown and it is published by Flash Point. It was released on the 31st of August, 2010. The child's book is 64 pages long, click on the link below.

Flash Point

Model: FBA-|305153
ISBN: 1596436441
Author: Don Brown

It took 4,000 men to create it, 23 tons of animal grease to slide it into the ocean, 100,000 men and women to wave bon voyage, but only a single distinct wrong move to tear the Titanic apart, sinking it in to the pages of history. Only 700 suceeded."Told by means of captivating prose and chilling first-hand accounts, Don Brown take the pieces of the broken Titanic and offers it such a vivid shape that you'd swear you've never heard the story before. Lifeboats had been launched half-full; women had been forced to leave their husbands and sons behind; and even those that produced it out alive were forever haunted, constantly wondering"why me? On a cold moonless night in April of 1912, 2,000 passengers--both the uber-rich enjoying a luxury cruise along with the dirt-poor hoping to locate a new life in America--struggled to survive.


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